Akpos / jokes

When Akpos got home, He met his neighbour Ochuko
sitting on stairs and crying likea baby. So he asked him."Ochuko my guy, wetin happen nah, Who die nah?"Ochuko: Brother, na Ekaite oAkpos: Chai!!! Ekaite don die???? Ochuko: My brother had it been she even die sef I no go cry... Dis girl has finished me ooo! Akpos: Oya, please calm down and tell me what happened ! Ochuko: Can you imagine Ekaite that av bn payingher school fees up2 her final year now use"Idiot"tosave my name in her phone...Akpos: Mshhhhhhhhhhh na the"Idiot"dey pain u??? even makin u cry? U get time my broda...Ochuko:Bros no be the"Idiot"dey pain me, the tin is dat my own idiot is "idiot number 18"Akpos: Hmmm my broda managethe"Idiot"now, after all my own girl dat i wan to marry used Evangelist Akpos to save my name in her phone...Ochuko:(Laughing now) nawa oo, At least dat one is even beta...Akpos: Shut up! When I scrolled the phone further I saw 3 other Evangelist (Samuel,Timothyand Jacob), then 2 pastors (Jonah and Ezekiel), and then 4 Apostles(John,Paul,Andrew,Joshua), then 2 Rev (James and Thomas) andthen one Bishop Francis....Ochuko: Hahahahahahaha!Maybe that Bishop is the General Overseer of her heart and u be ordinary Branch Pastor!!!!