10 Most Bizarre Nigerian Myths

 Let's be honest, with regards to Africa, what a great many people consider is the debasement, kidnappings, neediness.


What many people don't think about however, are the

superstitions, myths and legends that need to do with Africa itself.

Shrieking AT NIGHT

A few individuals appreciate shrieking, making music without singing and simply your lips, ideal for the individuals who cannot sing.

In a few sections of Nigeria however, you must not shriek around evening time, Because you will wake the dead,

who will shriek back at you and just may escort you back to their graves, its not a matter of inquiry, they WILL take you.

Another conviction is that you will be calling snakes to you, no you won't have the capacity to control them.


The account of this old stories is usually told in Nigerian all inclusive schools, now observe that in most Nigerian schools,

young ladies must have their hair in plaits/cornrows.

In any case the story goes like this;

"In this very school, some time prior, there was a young lady whose hair was the finest, it was dependably flawlessly made and extremely slick, yet when asked who made her hair, the young lady would answer and say it was an exceptionally timid and calm companion of hers, well individuals became weary of asking and dropped the subject.

Until one night, one of her flat mates woke up and let out a shout, there was the young lady headless, plaiting her own particular head."


Most societies and tribes have their own particular standards and convictions with regards to pregnant ladies. Nigerians are the same.

In a few societies, similar to the Ijaw and Yorubas, a pregnant lady is not permitted to see a masquerade in light of the fact that they trust that the infant will resemble a masquerade when it is conceived.

Likewise in a few spots, when a pregnant lady is sitting with her legs out, you must not fold her legs, the reason? The infant may appear as though you or misfortune will take after the youngster.