Any Hope For Basketball In Nigeria?

Nigerian b-ball is described by government carelessness, we have bunches of youth squandering in the city, not everybody can turn into a footballer.. B-ball could be set up appropriately, it
would connect with our young people genuinely and even guide in occupation creation.

We genuinely need open ball courts in nigeria, you just discover open courts in enormous schools or stadiums and millitary bases. What's more, these areas are unaccessible to individuals a long way from this areas.

Am a sorry basketballer simply because i couldn't discover courts to play close-by. In lagos, i need to spend right around a thousand naira on transport keeping in mind the end goal to get to the nearest b-ball court back and forth.

If it's not too much trouble yaba and surulere is too far for a few of us, build up open courts in all the neighborhood government zones.

I stay around iju ishaga, in the event that you know any open or private court around, please tell me.