FFK composes public statement to Buhari

Previous Aviation Minister Femi Olu-Kayode shared the letter on his Facebook page this evening. Perused underneath

Mr. President, as one of your most steadfast and dedicated subjects who has only the most extreme admiration for your individual and your office, I am obliged to keep in touch with you this public statement. This is on account of there are various issues that I trust that it is essential for you to elucidate and to tell the truth on.

I say this on the grounds that some of your affirmations generally are, best case scenario opposing and even under the least favorable conditions patently untrustworthy. Whichever side of the political gap we are on I trust that we can all concede to one thing: that the indictment of the war against dread is not something that any of us ought to play governmental issues with. This is particularly so given the way that human lives are in question and the very presence of our country is under risk. Like a great part of whatever is left of the world our nation is experiencing damnation on account of the jihadists and Islamist terrorists.

There is no denying that we should all deal with the way that the Islamic State in the Levant (ISIL), Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Hamas and another gathering that the universally regarded Global Terror Index has depicted as the ''Fulani aggressors'' (otherwise known as Fulani herders) are only ruthless killers and the most minimal type of life.

They are to be sure the filth of the earth, the troublers of humankind and the vermin of hellfire. It is considering this that I ask you to take the war against dread significantly more truly than you are doing and beg you to quit passing the buck.

Your inclination for faulting your failings in such manner for the past organization is essentially disgusting and it doesn't serve you well.

You consistently negate yourself with regards to this matter and honestly such flip lemon are unworthy of the workplace that you without further ado involve.

We your subjects admire you for consistency, quality, unequivocal responsibility, a firm resolve and the ''administration from the front'' that you guaranteed amid your presidential crusade in this war. We don't need and neither do we require doublespeak, faltering reasons and buck passing.

Grant me to bring up a couple of illustrations of your opposing statements and your buck going in this short mediation. At first you asserted that your ancestor in office President Goodluck Jonathan never purchased any arms and that rather he wasted and stole all the cash that was appropriated for the acquirement of arms.

Yet when the British Minister of Defense went by you in the Presidential Villa a day or two ago the story changed. You did a U-turn and joyfully let him know and the more extensive world that President Jonathan purchased arms with crude money.

One miracles which story you might concoct next and which one you will evoke later on. Compassionate let us know what the position is: is it that Jonathan did not purchase arms at all and stole all the cash or is it that he utilized money to purchase arms? You can't have it both ways. It is either one or the other.

Entirely separated from your glaring doublespeak on this matter there was another issue which you should have raised with your exceptionally regarded and regarded British visitor.

You neglected to let him know that his was one of the nations that not just declined to offer weapons to us over the span of this intense clash however that additionally forced and uphold the universal arms ban on our nation despite the fact that we are at war.

This brought about the superfluous passing of a large number of our kin in light of the fact that we thought that it was hard to obtain the weapons to ensure them.

Your visitor's nation demanded towing the American line and doing this to us despite the fact that we were battling a war against a persevering, very much spurred, all around subsidized and all around furnished battling power that Global Terror Index has depicted as the ''deadliest terrorist association on the planet''. One is compelled to ask: with companions like this who needs adversaries?

Given the way that the ban was set up one thinks about how we should obtain arms unless we did as such with crude money on the bootleg market.

The option was to purchase none by any means, to do nothing and to permit Boko Haram to take Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Lagos. Maybe that is accurately what your western companions and associates needed yet fortunately it never happened.

Regardless of the difficulties and limitations President Jonathan confronted, rather than losing any more ground, he rose to the event and retook no under 22 neighborhood government regions and for all intents and purposes pushed Boko Haram out of Nigeria. The main place that they possessed when the decision occurred was Sambisa woodland.

Jonathan accomplished this with those arms that he purchased with crude money. This is obviously what you are presently grumbling about. License me to advise you that it is those same arms that Jonathan purchased with crude money that your armed force is as yet utilizing till today.

Yet tragically since you were confirmed as President seven months prior you have lost some of those same nearby government ranges that were before recouped and they are presently back in the hands of the terrorists.

In spite of this you continue telling the worldwide group and the Nigerian individuals that we are ''gaining ground'' in the war against fear.

Indeed you ventured to say that we had ''won the war'' against Boko Haram and your Minister of Information, Mr. Lai Mohammed, resounded that twisted deception and emphasized that slant by including the words ''actually won'' (whatever that may mean) to the mathematical statement.

Tragically, after two days, on Christmas day, in what must be depicted as a smooth reaction from the terrorists, scores of honest regular citizens were killed by Boko Haram in Borno state and an entire group was smoldered to the ground.

Again on Sunday 27th of December Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, went under substantial assault from the terrorists. Such a great amount for having ''won the war against Boko Haram'', whether ""actually"" or something else.

Rather than yielding that you had told the Nigerian individuals a poisonous untruth, inquisitively the following thing that you did was to let them know that you would ''convince Boko Haram to drop their arms''. One is constrained to ask: why might you need to convince them to drop their arms on the off chance that you had effectively crushed them and won the war against them?

Regardless this would be the first run through in the historical backdrop of cutting edge fighting that a sitting President has looked to pulverize and crush an awful and determined terrorist association and win the war against dread basically with the wonderful and annihilating weapon of influence.

Maybe you ought to prescribe that same strategy to the Americans and whatever is left of the global group as a successful and solid weapon to embrace in their war against ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Hamas and the various jihadist bunches that torment the world.

Whilst you are grinding away maybe you could likewise convince Boko Haram to free the Chibok young ladies. It is irritating to take note of that in spite of all your battle guarantees and confirmations that once you are chosen President the young ladies would safeguarded or returned, nothing has been done or caught wind of any of them since the time that you were confirmed.

Most exceedingly bad still the Bring Back Our Girls Group, which was basically an extremity of your decision association, together with its recognized pioneers and conveners, seem to have gone calm. I figure they are occupied with attempting to convince Boko Haram to drop their arms as well.

The fact of the matter is that it is the ideal opportunity for you to free yourself from your stupendous daydreams and to get genuine. Unfortunately you seem, by all accounts, to be disconnected from reality.

Rather than battling the war against fear you are slaughtering so as to exacerbate it one thousand Shia Muslims in Zaria on December twelfth, locking up their pioneer Sheik Ibrahim El Zakzaky and opening yet another war front in our nation.

The exact opposite thing that we need is for Hezbollah or the Iranian Republican Guard to adapt to present circumstances, respond to the call, hop into the fight and choose to ensure and retaliate for their Shia Muslim siblings and sisters in northern Nigeria.

Yet in spite of the unforgivable and faulty activities of your military administrators in Zaria you have declined to demonstrate any regret for what was without a doubt an atrocity against kindred Nigerians and you have not arraigned the officers and military staff that were included in the butchery.

Rather the homes of the casualties and those that share their Shia confidence have been smoldered to the ground in Zaria and their graves and entombment destinations have been uncovered and contaminated.

Rather than battling Boko Haram you are battling and murdering your own particular individuals. More regrettable still you have declined to shield our nation. I say this on the grounds that a couple of days back the Cameroonian military attacked our nation, damaged our regional uprightness and brutally killed more than 70 honest Nigerians in their town before torching it.

Your administration declined to recognize that this occasion even occurred, in spite of the media reports. You didn't reassure or express sympathies to the groups of the casualties or strike back against the Cameroonians.

You didn't even caution them or request a statement of regret or reparations from them. This is coldhearted and despicable. It couldn't have happened under Jonathan, Obasanjo, Babangida, Shagari, Abacha, Abubakar, Shonekan, Mohammed, Balewa or in fact whatever other previous Nigerian President or Head of State.

In the event that any of them had been in force and the Cameroonians developed the impudence to do a wonder such as this there would have been outcomes.

Yet you don't did anything to retaliate for this insult or to guard our honor. What happened to the chivalrous and daring General Buhari that bravely drove our troops into triumph in Chad in the mid 1980's?

What happened to the genuine and frank man that we all appreciated and turned upward to due to his military endeavors in Chad?

What happened to the war legend that gave the Chadians a ''ridiculous nose'' for setting out to assault a Niger