Christmas Eve: 4 Bad Things That Will Happen Tonight

If you doubt any of this things then you must be an alien from another planet. III have celebrated over 25 Christmases in Nigeria and I can confidently tell you that these things will happen tonight:

1. People Will Get Drunk
All those beer and alcohol manufacturing companies will make sales tonight cos a lot of people will be getting drunk

2. Today Is A Day Of Unwanted Pregnancies

A lot of girls will end up getting impregnated as a result of wanting to catch fun tonight. First week of January 2016 and alarm go blo

HIV and Other STIs Will Be Freely Transmitted

After getting drunk in a popular joint, you can easily fall for the tricks of those oloshos stationed there to make money. Many of them will get you infected with HIV or any other deadly disease.

4. Fireworks Galore
I can't still understand why sane people will waste their money on knock outs and banger. But this is Christmas eve and that's what happens tonight.