Fadekemi Momoh: ''I'm Very Naughty In The Bedroom

Yoruba Nollywood on-screen character, who as of late came back from South Africa, Fadekemi Momoh, was put on the hot sit of Nigeriafilms.com where she was asked some irregular inquiries she slightest anticipated.

Not yielding in her endeavors to make her imprint in the business she cleared out for around three years, the on-screen character uncovered that come December 2015, she will be dispatching her film in Lagos which tends to demonstrate how flexible she can be at conveying a sort of motion picture that will truly intrigue viewers.

Gotten unguarded, the on-screen character was left with no decision however to answer to the inquiries of things she has done and how well she is great at it particularly in bed when with her man.

Perused excepts underneath;

1. Where did u have your first sex?

Ans; (Laughs) on a bed obviously

2. At what age was that?

Ans; 19 years of age then

3. Could you do premature birth for any sum?

Ans; I can't do premature birth for any sum

4. What number of children do you wish to have?

Ans; I wish to have 3 children, I have 1 as of now so 2 left

5. How great would you say you are sleeping?

Ans; Hmmmmm, insane, exceptionally Crazy and Naughty

6. If not acting, what might you have wandered into?

Ans; Nails Gallery on the grounds that am great at altering any sort of nails

7. Can you wed a normal man or a well off man?

Ans; I can wed an Average man so far we are Happy

8. Can you cook and what's your most loved nourishment?

Ans; I can and Love Cooking , Efo Riro and Pounded yam

9. At the point when was the last time you kissed?

Ans; Lol Lets keep that a mystery

10. How could you have been able to you feel when you first saw your period?

Ans; I felt typical in light of the fact that I have 2 senior sisters who had the experience before me