heavenly prophet-murders member of his church

A Celestial Church minister, Prophet Samson Olorunisola (false name Orun mi si), who is the Shepherd responsible for Jehovah Lass Parish, Powerline, Peace Estate, Ajasa-Command, Lagos, is as of now cooling his heels at Panti police charge for professedly killing a male individual from his congregation.

Olorunisola was said to have hit the perished, recognized as Kehinde on the head with a fiendish ring.

The expired, who kicked the bucket following three days in the healing center, affirmed that he was hit on the head with an otherworldly ring, however the minister guaranteed that he utilized one of the huge crosses in the congregation on his casualty.

Quickly Olorunisola saw the gravity of his offense, he stole away, yet was later captured by the police.

The tragic episode occurred on the night of Tuesday, December 8, 2015, after the minister blamed Kehinde for attempting to have coitus with of his four-year old girl. He guaranteed that it was the resentment and push to spare his little girl that provoked him to hit the perished with the cross.

In any case, before he in the long run kicked the bucket, Kehinde who was accepting treatment at a Lagos private doctor's facility, guaranteed that his minister really hit him with an appeal (ring). Taiwo, the twin sibling of the expired, who dwells abroad, is said to have promised that equity must done working on this issue.

He has been speaking with other relatives in Nigeria to guarantee that the enemy of his twin does not go unpunished.