I am not in Dubai to plot against Buhari, I am here for therapeutic consideration, says Atiku

This is a press proclamation from previous Vice President Atiku Abubakar through Mazi Paul Ibe, the media Adviser to previous Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Previous Vice President and chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) Atiku Abubakar exhorts political naughtiness creators to permit him make the most of his peace and stop from evil purposeful publicity intended to draw a wedge in the middle of him and President Muhammadu Buhari, so as to bring about unnecessary doubt and diversions in the President's legislature.

Responding to suggestions by what he called "political evil producers and adversaries of solidarity", who claims that he has been facilitating political gatherings at Burj Al-Arab, Dubai, the previous Vice President says in spite of the bits of gossip being bandied around by political rivals, he is as of now in Dubai with his family for physiotherapy on his harmed knee.

A press proclamation discharged by his media office in Abuja on Sunday, 27 December 2015 and marked by his Media Adviser, Mazi Paul Ibe says the previous Vice President is humiliated by the purposeful misrepresentations being spread against him by political rivals who are set on creating diversion for President Buhari at once all energies ought to be diverted into offering the President some assistance with actualising his change plan.

Depicting gossip mongers as "not well spurred meddlers that don't wish the nation well", the Turaki Adamawa clarifies that his medicinal treatment is his private issues, which ought not be politicized by anyone to accomplish evil destinations.

Atiku Abubakar says he is qualified for make the most of his private life, including the privilege to take care of his wellbeing, without being bothered and lied against by political rivals.

In spite of the implications by political rivals, the previous Vice President says the achievement of the Buhari organization has been his distraction, and that any genuine APC part ought to have the same energy.

As indicated by him, talk mongers that look to bring about doubt and diversion in Buhari's legislature don't mean well for the APC organization.

The previous Vice President says with the difficulties of giving great administration to the nation and making openings for work for Nigerians, including lessening the effect of neediness, President Buhari needs all the goodwill and support in this attempt.

"Whether at home or abroad, the Turaki is distracted with his unassailable backing to President Buhari and his organization, particularly in this basic time, as it works steadily to turn the fortunes of our dear nation around and make Nigeria work for more noteworthy's benefit of Nigerians".

As indicated by Atiku, gossip mongers and fiendishness creators are harmful to the advancement of the APC and the nation everywhere, including that the crusades are gone, and in this way, all energies ought to be productively dedicated to the accomplishment of the Buhari organization.

"This is yet another plot of the adversaries of our nation and vote based system to partition, redirect consideration and occupy the APC in its acknowledged responsibility to secure the nation, give employments to the mass of unemployed adolescents, manufacture required basic base, enthrone an administration of honesty and responsibility and haul the nation out of the monetary woods it has been transferred to by grasshopper years of blunder."