An American legal counselor and a Nigerian are

sitting beside one another on a long flight.

legal counselor trusts that Nigerians are so

imbecilic that he could put something over on

them effortlessly, So the attorney inquires as to whether the

Nigerian might want to play a fun diversion.

The Nigerian is drained and simply needs to take a

snooze, so he affably decreases and tries to get

a couple winks.

The American attorney perseveres, and says that

the diversion is a ton of fun. "I ask you a

question, and in the event that you don't have a clue about the answer,

you pay me just $5; you ask me one, and if

I don't have the foggiest idea about the answer, I will pay you

$500," he says.

This gets the Nigerian's consideration and to

keep the legal advisor calm, he consents to play the


The legal advisor asks the first question. "What's

the separation from The Earth to the Moon?"

The Nigerian doesn't let out the slightest peep, comes to in

his pocket hauls out a $5 bill, and hands it

to the legal counselor.

Presently, it's the Nigerian's turn. He asks the

legal counselor, "What runs up a slope with three legs,

what's more, catches four?"

The legal counselor utilizes his portable PC and inquiries all

references he could discover on the Net. He

sends messages to all the brilliant companions he

knows, all without much of any result. Following one hour of

seeking he at last surrenders. He awakens

the Nigerian and hands him $500.

The Nigerian stashes the $500 and goes right

back to rest. The attorney is going crazy not

knowing the answer.

He awakens the Nigerian and asks, "Well, so

what runs up a slope with three legs and

contracts four?"

The Nigerian comes to in his pocket, hands the

attorney $5 and backpedals to rest