Lieutenant, Others Break Police Cell To Escape.

Lieutenant, Others Break Police Cell To Escape.

Five suspects, including a serving Army corporal, acting like a lieutenant have been rearrested by policemen appended to Area "L" Command, Lagos. The

suspects, Corporal Frank Owuze, Lance Corporal Anthony Uloko, Bashiru Azeez, a dealer naval force, Bethel Ambuogwu and Sunday Atamatasy, a regular citizen, who were aim, prior broke the mass of police cell around 2am yesterday and got away.

The station watchman heard the clamor as the divider cut in and raised the alert. Individuals from the group were alarmed and helped the police in following and capturing all the five suspects. Six folding blades and military regalia were recouped from them. Owuze is connected to the Nigerian Army, 63, Medical Corps, Yaba.

Uloko is the corporal who used to dress in full lieutenant uniform to dupe individuals, particularly policemen. A senior cop, who said that the case had been exchanged to the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos State, for further examination, from Area "L" Command, added that Uloko was found to have tricked a few policemen in diverse police developments in Lagos.

"We found that he had gone a few times to the workplace of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos State Command, to take safeguard of suspects. A few suspects had been conceded safeguard in view of acknowledgment of his rank and in the soul of esprit de corps," the source said. Amid cross examination, Uloko guaranteed that he was chipping away at the requests of one of his supervisors, an Army chief. As indicated by him, every one of the suspects were joined with the skipper.

He asserted that it was the chief who instructed him to dependably wear full lieutenant uniform to SARS at whatever point he sends him to safeguard suspects. The skipper purportedly let him know that the rank would acquire him regard. Uloko said that the trick worked. The fighters and their associates got to be visitors of the Area ''L Police Command after they endeavored to gather "settlement" from oil merchants, putting on a show to be 'Petroleum Task Force.'

It was accumulated that the officers at first requested N1 million, yet the oil cheats said they had just N300,000 on them. The fighters said they could gather N500,000 and nothingness or they would take them to their station. The oil merchants chose one of their individuals to go and get the remaining N200,000.

As opposed to get the cash, the man alarmed the Area "L" Commander, Mr Samuel Ojo. The territory authority raised a group and advised the individuals what to do. The policemen took after the guidelines and soon captured the troopers. One of the officers, Owuze, told the police that Atamatasy brought him into the operation. Owuze apparently said:

"It was Sunday that arranged everything. He said that we ought to profess to be from Petroleum Task Force." Owuze admitted to have educated Uloko about the arrangement on the grounds that he used to see him in full lieutenant uniform. Uloko joined and later drove the operation. On the game changing day being referred to, Azeez, Atamatasy and Ambuogwu were all in full maritime regalia.

It was assembled that Uloko brought the three men into the arrangement. He acquainted them with Owuze as real maritime work force. Owuze said he trusted Uloko, in light of the fact that he had located Azeez, a few times in maritime regalia. "They were captured and set in police cell," said a source. "Around 2am, they broke the mass of the cell and got away.

The station watchman raised the caution. The order cautioned the group. The group was brushed and five of them rearrested," the source included. Whenever reached, the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Joe Offor, said he would get back to twice,