Main 5 Lies Told In Naija Music This Year

This year was an extraordinary year for the music business with alot of hit tracks and sold out shows.

Be that as it may, as we all fool is 100% immaculate. So i turned out with the main 5 lies told by some craftsman in their tune/melodies this year.

(5)davido ft OLAMIDE-the cash : Olamide came into light with his hit track eniduro when he was 21 years of age and before that track he was only a road kid. Yet, in the cash he said "I wear they see cash following when i dae nineteen".This definitely is an untruth

4)wizkid-baba nla-: starboy as we call him has alot of autos however positively not a limo but then in this tune he said "who got the way to my limo".

3)Olamide-eyan mayweather:- this is the present road banger however in this track he said "in the event that you Bleep with me you are on a demise column". This without a doubt is a falsehood in light of the fact that linda ikeji, dbanj maker and numerous others have made joke of him but then none of them is dead.

2)korede bello-Godwin:- this is among the main 4 tune this year. In this melody the youthful capable craftsman said "I dor change my name to Godwin". This without a doubt is an untruth in light of the fact that regardless we know him as korede bello a pop artist.

1)davido-fans mi :- We all realize that davido originated from a well off family and hence have never encounter destitution. Be that as it may, in fans mi he said "I Remember when the young ladies nor they come around

I Remember when i had no cash in my bank account".this without a doubt is a huge falsehood.