Miss Colombia at last talks days after the Miss Universe catastrophe

Days after Miss Colombia was delegated the Miss Universe...for two minutes, the world's celebrated runner-up is standing up. Ariadna Gutierrez took to her Instagram page on Tuesday and composed:

"After the tempest comes the quiet. I need to thank each and everybody of you who have sent messages of bolster and quality. Each one of you has turned into a unimaginable person in my book and I am the most blessed and appreciative for having the backing from one nation as well as from the entire whole world.

Your fate is composed for you. Also, my predetermination was this. I could convey satisfaction to my nation in the wake of getting to be Miss Universe for just two or three minutes... Today on account of that COLOMBIA and the LATIN COMMUNITY are being discussed in each side of the world. I likewise need to salute the Philippines for their new Miss Universe. The joy that you must be feeling must be staggering. Life proceeds and later on we will figure out why things happen the w