My Bitter Experience As A Doctor Today

Tears rundown my cheek as I write this. I went into d medicinal calling to Save lives, yet today I viewed a patient kick the bucket and I could do nothing.

It was around 11am today, 26th Dec 2015, I wz in the crisis room as the main Dr and House officer available to come back to work in a state Specialist healing facility wen a peugeot wagon took after by a police van drove in. They opened d entryways and trunk and began bringing out Accident casualties. I did a brisk triage and saw dat d 2 in d trunk were in a more basic condition, So d quick arrangement was to allude d 2 to FMC wia dey hav better hands and gear to handle it. So I asked d policeman who d driver is so dat d 2 will be raced to FMC and he said he kicked the bucket at d Accident scene. I kept running outside to purchase broadcast appointment to begin calling different HOs, b4 I could return, dey had dropped d 2 and drove off.

I called different HOs, just 2 showed up, others had voyage. To my most noteworthy suprise, I called a restorative officer who is a snr partner in d proffession, she said I shud nt touch anybody till dey paid. That I shud Infact allude all of dem. I was debilitated, d patients were in agonies, crying, approaching us to help, some effectively oblivious, yet we couldnt offer cos we some assistance with having a request frm above.

Inside 5mins, 1 young woman in her mid 20s kicked the bucket. Abt 10mins later, another police van came and conveyed d remaining 7 to FMC.

Tonight, some street security corps came to ask if any Accident casualties were conveyed to our inside. They had recovered d show frm d vehicle and reached d groups of d travelers. Dey came mind d relations of one of d patients, and wen I told dem 1 of dem passed on, dey requested d Description of d 1 dat kicked the bucket and I demonstrated dem d pix of d lady dat kicked the bucket, see she was d 1 dey were searching for and in that spot was the lady's fiancee. Their conventional wedding was to be in 3days tym

I need to utilize this medium to approach the govt to make strategies dat"ll empower Drs treat patients in such condition. How about we Save mankind