My dad never bidded for any arms contract amid Jonathan's govt-Dokpesi's child
Raymond Dokpesi Jnr, the
child of beset director of DAAR gathering, Chief Raymond Dokpesi has discharged an announcement separating his dad from the questionable $2.1 billion arms bargain outrage.

As per an announcement discharged titled "The Continued Detention of High Chief Raymond Dokpesi by The EFCC on Allegations of Money Laundering" which was marked by him, he said his dad was just contracted to build up a Multi Media Strategic Development Support Project to advance and venture the accomplishments and highlight the difficulties of previous president Jonathan's legislature. He says in the announcement that his dad is not a contractual worker with the Ministry of Defense and does not supply arms. The full content of the announcement after the cut...


1. It has turned out to be extremely basic that taking after an article distributed in the Nation Newspaper and republished in other online and social networking, that we give more elucidation on the present confinement without trial of Dr. Raymond Dokpesi by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC in Abuja over assertions of Criminal Conspiracy and Money Laundering.

2. In any case there is no particle of truth at all that Dr. Dokpesi took part in any exchange with the previous National Security Adviser in regards to the buy of arms, locally or universally. This lie has gotten to be ordinary as his confinement is always being connected with what has for the most part get to be referred to by the media as the $2.1 Billion US Dollars Arms Deal Scandal.

3. We will get a kick out of the chance to make it inexhaustibly clear that Dr. Dokpesi's DAAR INVESTMENT and HOLDINGS COMPANY LTD, started a proposition to the Presidency of Former President Goodluck Jonathan proposing a Multi Media Strategic Development Support Project to advance and venture the accomplishments and highlight the difficulties of his administration whilst demystifying false data joyously circled by the promulgation apparatus of the then restriction party.

4. The proposition was submitted to the Former President in individual by Dr. Dokpesi and his group in the vicinity of the Former Vice President and the Former National Security Adviser at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. We must further underscore that the proposition had literally nothing to do with the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP), nor the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC).

5. We comprehend that this proposition was completely considered, endorsed and paid for by the Presidency through the workplace of the National Security Adviser which to the best of our insight has various budgetary sub-heads including for the advancement and proliferation of data to manage and balance out the legislature and its organization.

6. We are still at a misfortune in the matter of why a Federal Government that claims to have been prominently chosen just around six months back, will set out on a wide scale promulgation, deception and bold lie just to accomplish its goal of destroying its apparent political adversaries and supporters of the past government's organization.

7. High Chief Raymond Dokpesi remains a honest and consummate nationalist who has served his mother country to the best of his capacity with Zeal, Zest and in many cases an exceptionally irresistible feeling of patriotism.

8. For the evasion of uncertainty, Dr Dokpesi has never connected nor bidded for an agreement for the buy of arms. Nor has he ever been enrolled with the Ministry of Defense for the comparable goal of taking part in the supply of Arms for the Government. Unraveling occasions will soon demonstrate obviously and not at all like what fictious stories are being bolstered to the media as distributed by The Nation Newspaper on Friday fourth December 2015.

9. We encourage the Buhari-drove APC Government to thoroughly examine all political and monetary wrongdoings altogether before leaving on a media trial and sentencing even under the watchful eye of the law courts of Nigeria have a chance to arbitrate.

10. Our majority rule government must develop on all fronts yet all the more so under the tenet of law which remains the bedrock of any vote based framework.


Raymond Dokpesi Jnr.

For the Dokpesi crew