'my Wife Is So Smelly, Dirty I Can't Sleep With Her' - Husband Tells Court

Wife Smelly 

A separation looking for spouse has told a court in Lagos that his wife notices so terrible he can't lay down with her.

A 55-year-old man, Elder Moses Ajuwa , has told a separation court that his wife's personal stench has made it unthinkable for him to keep laying down with her and needed the court to break down his three-year-old marriage to his 30-year-old wife, Hauwa, on that record.

Aside from the rotten personal stench, Elder Ajuwa likewise told the Grade A Customary Court sitting in Lagos State that his wife is additionally languid and has neglected to satisfy her commitments as a wedded lady and a disrespect to womanhood.

"I don't know why I must proceed with this marriage. My supposed wife can't cook or keep the home. She's so apathetic and filthy I can't even lay down with her; the main thing she knows is to spruce up and go to parties. I need a separation.

I can't proceed with this marriage; it is ideal to be a single guy than stay wedded to this reason of a lady. She has fizzled at being a lady. I wedded her so she could deal with me after my first wife passed on; this is the most noticeably awful oversight I ever constructed.

She can't keep the home or cook. Each side of our home stinks and unless I clear, she doesn't. Our rooms are loaded with grimy clothing and I needed to take my two kids from my late wife to her family for legitimate consideration in light of the fact that I don't need them in her consideration on the grounds that she will swing them to slaves.

She is dirty to the point that I can't even lay down with her; I purchase sustenance in light of the fact that our kitchen is excessively messy, making it impossible to cook. At whatever time I tidy it up, she fouls the house up once more.

She never stays at home, once she gets one clean fabric and can uncover her cosmetics from underneath the excrement slope she made in the room and a side of the parlor, she's off. She once in a while scrubs down. I have attempted my best to roll out her improvement without achievement. If you don't mind separate us,"

Senior Ajuwa told the court.

His wife, on the other hand, every one of the charges leveled against her. With all due respect, she told the court that her spouse does not care for her going out and is excessively despotic.

"I am a little young lady and he needs me to dress like an old lady. That I'm hitched doesn't mean I ought to act like a dead lady. I need my marriage to work however my spouse needs to unwind his position.

His other claim is in lacking honesty on the grounds that I have let him know that the house is too enormous for only me to keep up."

The court has given the couple two months to check whether they can resolve their issues and dismissed the case.