Perused President Buhari's New year message to Nigerians

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Welcome to the start of a New Year of the continuation of CHANGE in our adored country. I am mindful that Nigerians have encountered various critical hardships over the previous months. Living in the State House has not distanced me from your day by day sufferings. I am mindful of the extensive lines at fuel stations and of the challenges organizations have confronted in obtaining outside trade.

These difficulties are just brief; we are attempting to improve things. When I introduced myself to you as a presidential competitor and approached you to vote in favor of me, I needed to be a pioneer who stays faithful to his commitments. I needed to be a pioneer who restores the general population's trust in those chose to serve them. I needed to be a pioneer who starts positive and persisting CHANGE.

I am still completely dedicated to being that sort of pioneer. Unanticipated circumstances and different diversions in any case, I might in any case do my most extreme best to keep each guarantee I made to Nigerians amid my decision battle. In the previous seven months since our introduction on May 29, 2015, my organization has concentrated on establishing the right framework for the CHANGE you voted in favor of amid our memorable presidential decision. Nigerians will at the appropriate time start to appreciate the products of all our progressing work.

The powerful and productive usage of our 2016 spending plan proposition will address a large number of the financial issues that are of current worry to our kin. One zone in which Nigerians, particularly those in the upper east, have as of now experienced significant CHANGE is in the war on fear. I laud our Armed Forces for essentially abridging the insurrection which has desolated the upper east of Nigeria in the course of recent years.

On the other hand, there is still a considerable measure of work to be done in the territory of security. Our Armed Forces will keep up, unite and expand on their achievements in the war against Boko Haram and savage radicalism. This administration won't consider the matter finished up until the terrorists have been totally directed and commonality restored to all parts of the nation that have been antagonistically influenced by the Boko Haram revolt.

Our crackdown on debasement will keep on being enthusiastically embraced. I ask the courts to bolster our endeavors and help in the recuperation of stolen assets by quickly closing trials and demonstrating that exemption no more has a spot in our nation.

There is much work to do in different ranges too and I have charged every one of my pastors and different nominees to guarantee that Nigerians experience positive changes in their lives in 2016. We should diminish our nation's dependence on oil. We should differentiate our economy.

Also, we should do whatever we can to advance employment creation. Our difficulties are numerous yet our determination to succeed is solid and unshaken. So too is our trust in God. I wish all of you an exceptionally

Upbeat/Happy New Year.