See: photos How I Escaped Accident At Abuja Yesterday

Go along with me in acknowledging God for my life and the life of others.

We exited Owerri enroute Kaduna a day prior to yesterday at around 6pm in a G.U.O sumptuous transport.

We never had a thought we were going with an extremely broken auto. We just saw after we passed Onitsha and ceased at a service station to re-fill.

From here(Onitsha) till we got to Lokoja,we went without working brakes(the driver needed to ad lib with the grip when vital). At Lokoja,the driver needed to fixthe brakes himself and after like an hour or so,we proceeded on our approach to Abuja where we had the accident(Zuba precicely).

Our transport kept running into a trailer and a little auto.

Despite the fact that we descended fine and uninjured,many individuals were bleading in the auto we hit.

The driver's capacity to control and stop the auto was depicted as a wonder by onlookers yet despite everything we express gratitude toward God for everything.

P.S: I've given my life to christ today smile