See The Year 2015 Hilarious And Memorious Events In Photos

Year 2015 Hilarious And Memorious Events In Photos

Wow Year 2015 is finally rounding up, what a year, won't you agree ?

A every eventful year, 2015 had been for nigerians, with a lot to scream and laugh about ''suffering and smiling'' a motto that had been adobted by nigerians.

The year started on a political tension, from the rival political groups APC and PDP due to the election that would be held later in the year with a lot crazy & funny adverts during the political campaign in the first quarter of the year.

The election was held and power was exchanged, the APC candidate in person of President Buhari won the election and ever since then it had been crazy and hilarious, thanks to the Anti-corruption campaign, because now ''Stealing is curruption'' Lol.

Below are some photos to tell a little of the events that unfolded during the course of the year.

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