shortage in Christmas : The most elevated costs paid by our perusers for fuel

Simon Ejembi

For a hefty portion of our perusers, the delight of the Yuletide was killed by the fuel lack and the orderly battle to get fuel for their autos and generators, at over the top costs.

The fuel shortage had continued despite the fact that the Senate had in November requested the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, to end the emergency in two weeks.

The item had stayed rare notwithstanding the mandate by Kachikwu, who serves as the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, that authorities of the Department of Petroleum Resources ought to rebuff dispensing so as to fill stations accumulating the item the petrol to clients for nothing.

Not just has the item stayed rare, it has been sold over the official pump cost of N87 at filling stations where it is accessible.

This is regardless of cases by the DPR that its authorities were checking the stations for consistence with authority cost, in addition to other things.

The Assistant Director, Public Affairs, DPR, Mrs. Dorothy Bassey, had told the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday that the organization had set up a 24-hour unique team to direct and screen petrol deals at warehouses and stations.

It said that the team would authorize stops and stations offering over the prescribed cost.

In any case, input from 187 of our perusers on the fuel lack demonstrated that just 11 of them could buy the item at N87 lately.

The rest needed to pay in the middle of N90 and an absurd N1,000.

Out of the 187 perusers who shared the most astounding cost at which they had purchased the item by means of our Facebook page, 14 purchased fuel between the official cost and N100, while 119 others needed to pay in the middle of N101 and N200.

A sum of 30 perusers separated with in the middle of N201 and 300 for each liter of fuel; eight purchased the item at in the middle of N301 and N400 with six others paying in the middle of N401 and N500 per liter of fuel, while 10 of the perusers paid above N500 for a liter of fuel.

The normal cost at which our perusers purchased fuel was N221 per liter, a survey of their reactions appeared.

Globalprecious John, who lives in Port Harcourt, then again, paid the above all the perusers per liter of fuel.

He puts the expense at N1,420 per liter.

Aliyu Goni, who purchased fuel at N725 per liter in Maiduguri, and Emem Rapheal, who paid N700 per liter in Akwa Ibom State in November were additionally among the 10 individuals, who paid above N500 per liter of fuel as an aftereffect of the present shortage.

Favored Chiemerie and five others paid N500 per liter of fuel.

One of the perusers, Oliyide Olamilekan, claimed for help, saying, "DPR ought to sympathetic come to Ijoko Area at Sango Ota in Ogun State to see the level of bad form and defilement; the liter is not exact but rather despite everything they offer at higher value," he said.

He unveiled that fuel was being sold at a few filling stations, including that of the NNPC, in the Ijoko region of Sango Ota in Ogun State for N130.

Like him, perusers from numerous states the nation over mourned that separated from parting with extreme entireties, the filling station were not apportioning the appropriate measure of fuel, another issue DPR had guaranteed to check more than once.

While Muhammed Lamido purchased fuel in Bara Village, along the Bauchi-Gombe Road at N210 per liter, Okpole Brown said he got the item at N160 per liter in Bayelsa State.

On the harsher end of the shortage, were any semblance of Obasogie Gideon, who needed to belittle the underground market in Maiduguri, paying N550 per liter.

Criticism from Alhaji Rafiu Hamza in Jos, Plateau State; Ahembe Peter in Gboko, Benue State; Rufus Emmanuel in Lokoja, Kogi State; and Emmanuel Tintse in Keffi, Nasarawa State and others, put the cost in the Middle-Belt states in the N100 to N300 territory.