Staggering Woman becomes a web sensation in the wake of guaranteeing her 2 unequal bosoms got recuperated at Shiloh

A lady became a web sensation on online networking after she asserted on her Facebook page that her 2 unequal bosoms was cured at Shiloh by Pastor David Oyedepo.

Posted on Facebook by Endy Edeson, the post said that a lady's boobs realigned subsequent to being appealed to God for by Bishop David Oyedepo at the yearly Shiloh occasion.

The post peruses:

"On Friday, I entered the fundamental church building called "Confidence TABERNACLE" where the Man of God, David Oyedepo was lecturing. I saw him live in white suit as he served. In the wake of lecturing, the man of God began performing supernatural occurrences, he directed witches and wizards to go out of wonder looking for part's bodies. He guaranteed BELIEVERS that their issues will be understood with his loud petitions to God. Promptly he completed his marvel supplications to God, he requested that individuals come and affirm.

Numerous individuals were mended, some were recuperated of crack, deafness, visual impairment and bed-wetting yet what I couldn't make sense of up till now was a part who guaranteed that her TWO BREAST wasn't equivalent, One Breast was SMALL while the other Breast was BIG.

When Bishop David OYEDEPO asked, she got her marvel and the two unequal bosoms got to be 2 Big equivalent bosoms. Everybody yelled thank heaven, greatness be to God for such a bizarre mending. They expressed gratitude toward the God of Bishop Oyedepo for mending her.''