Stunning: Church Members Scramble For Holy Condom Blessed By Pastor In Kenya

Stunning: Church Members Scramble For Holy Condom Blessed By Pastor In Kenya

A man of God in Kenya has unsettled a couple plumes by gift condoms for his congregation individuals.

A man of God in Kenya, Pastor Paul Sanyangore , has created another blend in that nation after he favored condoms for his congregation individuals amid an administration, reports Nehanda Radio.

As indicated by the reports, there was very nearly a charge as chapel individuals , both wedded and singles, hurried to get the anointed condoms from the Pastor who is viewed as a standout amongst the most questionable in the East African nation.

Defending his activities, Pastor Sanyangore was said to have told columnists that a lady conveyed the condoms for him to anoint so she could use with her spouse who had deserted her for a long time and just backtracked to her couple of days prior

"I forecasted to a sure lady that her spouse would return two years after his puzzling vanishing. I am not certain but rather amid the week, the spouse called her advising her he would return home.

She came to chapel and amid petition to God time, she took the condoms out and gave them to my aide inquiring as to whether they were alright to utilize when her spouse returns.

I don't saw anything incorrectly in her utilizing them with her spouse following two years of nonappearance. Who recognizes what he was improving to be sheltered.

When I petitioned God for the condoms, a few ladies turned out and needed to have them."

Most likely the end of time is nearby