The 2015 Nigeria's Superbike Road Race

The 2015 Nigeria's Superbike Road Race

So the 2015 version of Nigeria's Superbike Road Race has come and gone. Motoring Nigeria was available to cover each and every piece of the
occasion which was a stupendous achievement and obviously a noteworthy change contrasted with a year ago's occasion. It was a thrilling weekend for each one of the individuals who went to the occasion as everyone got their own inordinate measurement of adrenaline.

Friday 27th of November, 2015 was the date slated for landing in Motel Bellisima in the old city of Benin, Edo state. On that day, Nigerians saw the vicinity of bikers on different interstates as they advanced toward Benin from everywhere throughout the nation. Saturday morning was very special as everybody woke up feeling all lively and prepared to race yet before that, we first needed to go around 1.5 hours from Benin through Benin-Asaba interstate to the race area Urhonigbe, Edo State.

On our landing in Urhonighe, we were invited by the sheer quietness of the zone, we knew we were in an entire distinctive environment as the kids, ladies and men lined up the smooth virgin black-top inviting us with grins and waving at us till we got to the race venue.

Riding to the venue, it was clear that the coordinators had discovered a 32km stretch of street that was "immaculate" for road race course having gotten the endorsement of the Government of Edo State to close not far off with the end goal of the race. It is a 32 km stretch of smooth track like black-top surface, with long straights where the racers effortlessly hit above 290km/hr and sharp, moderate and quick bends that test the braking and cornering capacity of the racers. It was clear we were in for a dashing treat.

This year likewise saw the vicinity of two worldwide force brands in motorsport in participation - RedBull and Yamaha Racing. The occasion began with a couple practice laps for bikers who needed to get acclimated to the lovely bends the street brought to the table. The practice laps were trailed by a move presentation which kind of snowballed into an opposition (who knew bikers could move). This was trailed by the presentation of the challengers for the Ultimate Bike Girl Nigeria Pageant and incidental automaton exhibitions by the automaton pilot why should gathered be utilizing the automaton to video the occasion, however hey, its alright in light of the fact that the villagers enjoyed it and I realize that on the grounds that they never quit waving at the automaton!

After all these, the race started, with up to 40 hopefuls covering the 32km course each. Male and female victors rose in both the 600cc(capacity) and 1000cc classes. Jack Affara who won a year ago's race additionally secured the first position in The BT Championship 1000cc Category this year covering 32km in 10 mins 28 seconds, second position went to Ahmed Alpacino who secured 32km in 10 mins 42 seconds and the third position went to Mohammed (Mo Ducati) who secured 32km in 10mins 54seconds.

The female champs were Oreoluwa Ojo (15mins 23seconds), Jeminat Olumegbon (15mins 31seconds) and Kelly Jumbo (16mins 40seconds).

The above 1000cc Category champs were ArgoRaak (10mins 11seconds), Ini Ralph (10mins 57seconds) and Darlinton (11mins 1second). After the race, we continued to the completion line at Ugbokirima where trophies were granted to the champs. After all said and done, we again hit the interstate for the ride back to Benin where a few individuals chilled and others chose to chill by swimming. Night time came and that flagged the start of the Ultimate Bike Girl Nigeria Pageant at Hexagon Hotel, where Miss Onyinye Okereke rose as the champ. To flavor up the night, an auto pool draw was held and was won by Miss Oreoluwa Ojo who ran home with a fresh out of the plastic new Kia Picanto. Sunday the 29th of November, 2015 was takeoff day and we arranged for the hard ride back to base. I have gone to some motorsport occasions in Nigeria and this stands as the most vital. I say credit to the coordinators for endeavoring to acquaint real motorsport with Nigeria, despite the fact that there is still awesome opportunity to get better. This was not kidding dashing!

Similarly as with all races, there is the probability of accidents. In the current year's occasion, there were around seven accidents. A large portion of the accidents happening at a renowned rapid right turn bend. Thankfully, there were no genuine wounds and the racers are back home and well and as of now making arrangements for one years from now occasion which comes up again on the 26th of November, 2016. Passing by the victories accomplished at the current year's occasion, it will be right to say that motorsport, superbike hustling, has taken off in Nigeria.

On the off chance that you pump RED, as me, don't miss one year from now's occasion.

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