The Atimoh Odili Foundation goes full scale for Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Persons

The nineteenth of December 2015 will always be rembered as an epochal minute for occupants of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in New Kuchingoro, a suburb in Abuja. The Atimoh Odili Foundation (AOF), as a major aspect of its humanitarian motions gave blessing things and help materials to the inhabitants of this camp made up of generally ladies and youngsters desolated by the scourge of war in the North East.

The Founder of AOF, Dr. Atimoh Odili, is a man who comprehends the hardship confronted by all under special individuals and for a long time has given his assets to battling the war against neediness. For those at the camp, numbering around 936, including ladies and kids, it was very much a moving knowledge when they saw the entry of heaps of help materials containing sleeping pads, covers, sacks of rice, milk, tomatoes and salt, all worth over N20 million.

Labeled #TouchingLivesAtKuchingoro, its point, among others, is to offer critical help to Camp occupants and later on investigate open doors for significant re-coordination into the bigger society.

"We by and large take up tasks that have the capacity of straightforwardly enhancing individuals' way of life. Our central goal is to kill destitution in Nigeria. For the IDPS, once we can address the essential issue of craving, we can offer them some assistance with growing and get to be reintegrated into the general public," said Miss Chioma Nwigwe, Managing Director AOF.

composed by Dr. Edwin Ndukwe