These Photos Are Reportedly Taken At An IDP Camp in Maiduguri Town - OMG

These Photos Are Reportedly Taken At An IDP Camp in Maiduguri Town - OMG

Were haven't defilement gotten to in Nigeria? This is a million dollar question everybody ought to ask him/her self. It is completely clear that if EFCC is thinking that its difficult to give up off Dasuki and Dopkesi, their is truly something to hold them for. Would you be able to envision that the billions of dollars purportedly being shelled out for arms to battle boko haram are simply trick of the century. Accordingly this cash winds up in the pockets of our pioneers. Jesus Christ.

Presently take a gander at IDPs, a concerned native shared this photos online and charging the general population given the command to disperse sustenance to this IDP camps of occupying the assets and nourishments intended to encourage this individuals. Could this be valid? Will this have a particle of truth in it? This is so despicable. These are the cash and the generosity of other individuals but then this supposed pioneers still redirects it.

In her own words:

"I heard that NEMA granted over a billion naira contract for arranging, admirably I dont need to accept such, maybe it's a distortion. Then again, it was on the news around two months back that the Government offered N57billion to the office. I might want the DG to let us know what the office has been spending the cash on pls. The accompanying photographs were taken for the current week at an IDP Camp in Maiduguri town, College of Agriculture.

The general population are from Mafa neighborhood government. These are the sorts of nourishment they eat, and for the most part once day by day. PMB needs to pay an unannounced visit to one of those camps. We don't have to revile in light of the fact that Allah has reviled all perpetrators!!!!

The alerter expressed that "The more awful thing is that whatever you gave, state authorities will seize And make it state government proposition. We assembled toilets in a few camps however as I came to Abuja, state government went and put their logos and hues that they were fabricated by the state government. On the off chance that you give rice or government give rice or nourishment things to IDP Camps, NEMA/SEMA staffs will take them and offer them out. They have their supporters around the local area, They have clients sitting tight for them. You can see packs of rice or sustenance things with logo of Federal government however offering it in business sector."