Two policemen imprisoned 25 years for tormenting suspect to death

An Egyptian Court has on Saturday sentenced two policemen to 25 years in jail for tormenting and pounding the life out of a native at a police headquarters in Tanta city of Gharbiya territory northwest of the capital, Cairo.

Tanta Criminal Court sentenced the indicted chief and non-charged officer in absentia.

The court said it had already sentenced the two policemen to one year in prison for tormenting and harming another subject at the same police headquarters.

A security source said the case dated back to the capture of two hoodlums with robbery records and amid their cross examination, they were subjected to torment that left one of them dead and the other injured.

The source included that the decision against the two policemen would be advanced.

Egypt had as of late seen various police torment cases, some of which brought about passings.

That has prompted the hubbub of human rights bunches who blamed the police for fierceness.

President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, and the Interior Ministry, in their reactions, alluded to them just as "individual cases" and not a general police conduct, focusing on that the culprits would be rebuffed.