A man Rewards Traffic Officer At Agege

Another movement officer has profited from the xmas largesse of a developing home firm(zodiac "n" ant colony dwelling places) in the agege\oko-oba territory,

As indicated by reports the lastma official had been extraordinary during his time of being at his official obligation post, working at sporadic hours and continuing ahead of schedule to guarantee smooth stream of activity and releasing his obligations with a grin, as per inhabitants and passers by, they said the authority merited it and that he had been super in the release of his obligations, running from one intersection to the next to guarantee that gridlock Was dealt with.

A meeting with the organization's MD (zodiac "n" ant colony dwelling places) looked into that the organization had chosen to give back in its little way and was Also going extend the largesse to exceptional LAWMA (lagos state waste administration authority)officials who it discovered loyal and constant,