Human-like robot with feelings, identity and mind-set disclosed in Singapore

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have disclosed "Nadine," a socially insightful, human-looking robot complete with "her own particular identity, inclination and feelings," as indicated by a college news discharge.

The humanoid "assistant" was displayed at another media showcase Tuesday at NTU, where her human inventor, teacher Nadia Thalmann, anticipated that "physical social robots, for example, Nadine are ready to wind up more unmistakable in workplaces and homes in future."

Nadine was made to be a doppelganger of Thalmann, as indicated by NTU's news discharge, which said the "humanoid" has "delicate skin and streaming brunette hair. She grins while welcoming you, looks at you without flinching while talking, and can likewise shake hands with you."

The robot "can be cheerful or dismal, contingent upon the discussion" and she "additionally has a decent memory" with the capacity to perceive individuals she's met and recollect what those individuals have said some time recently, NTU said. The college included that "Nadine is fueled by astute programming like Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana."

Watch the robot interface in the video beneath:

Source: ABC News