To start with couple get hitched in New York Times Square on new year's eve

year'sTwo couples won the opportunity to get hitched in Times Square subsequent to presenting their names in a challenge. The "first couple" were Monica and Alfredo Hernandez of Miami, who won the Generation Tux challenge in view of the votes they gathered on the web. They turned into the first authoritatively wedded couple of 2016.
Photographs existing apart from everything else the couples kissed, demonstrate the sheer size of the scene, with a large number of individuals imagined out of sight. There were around 1 million individuals that went to the New Year's Eve festivities in New York's Times Square.
George Zimmer of Men's Warehouse distinction administered the service. Zimmer is additionally the organizer and CEO of Generation Tux.

Zimmer said in a public statement that he trusts he commenced "another American convention that we seek will last after years to come."